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Silk & Velvet

“Wam Dingis is the Los Angeles art rock foursome composed of Jor Avila, Mindy Dymin, Darren Cochran, and Angela Vasquez. With gleefully warbled guitars, swirling strings, scorching keys and frenetic rhythms, Wam Dingis conjures melodic art rock with undeniable pop hooks and an energy that’s contagious.

Wam Dingis is the friction between silk and velvet. The dream you remember having. The animal that pets you.”

Christian Koons of Flood Magazine, The Dinner Party, and Goon.



The debut album, “It’s Not That Hard” features Ashi Dala & Spooki Tavi of HOTT MT, guitarist Jeff Schroeder, Bogan Via, and Goon. Find it now on iTunes and Spotify.

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